Friday, March 12, 2010

Issues from last night....

Last night was an interesting night for me....I did something that I usually don't do and in same ways this morning I am still asking myself why did I do it.  Last night I went to a griefshare group at my church.  They had announced it a while ago and I decided I would go to see what insite or see if I can learn better ways with dealing with grief and  the issues I have from the deaths of closed loved ones. Needless to say my experience last night was somewhat helpful...but still not what I expected.

I am the first to admit that I have issues and maybe I make things issues that should not be. Last night I had several issues and I tried to see past them, but it was very hard.
  1. Location of session was at the original church...which is not in the best neighborhood. Session was at 7pm at night...just say I saw 3 or 4 people that made me lock my door while waiting and some that had clear mental illnesses. The safety of the location is really making me not want to go back.
  2. As soon as I got in the people leading the session scared me...Like I said in previous posts I sit and observe people and sometimes I just don't get good vibes.
  3. I really don't like when people like to hear themselves talk.  I know you are trying to get a point across...but some things are just not necessary!
  4. I HATE bad English. Is it too much to ask to speak correctly? Subject/Verb agreement is not too hard. I can't concentrate and listen to someone when the way the speaks gets on my last nerve?
  5. If you speak for 30 minutes (which I do not think is part of the program), then say we will watch a 30 minute video (which was longer than 30 minutes), then say we will have a 15 minute discussion (which took 40 minutes...and it was mostly her the leader talking)...My time is valuable! Plus look back to issue not want to be in that neighborhood that late at night.
  6. I know I am weird and I don't talk to strangers (my mom taught me at an early age). Some people truly do scare me...that is all I will say to that.
  7. I know my life experiences are different than others, but it does get frustrating when
Okay. I have listed my issues from last night.  They might be valid...might just be me frustrated with the situation last night, but those are things that I felt. I wrote all this to get out my thoughts. I know people might not think the way I do or feel the same way about situations...but that does not negate my feelings and thoughts.  Sometimes I wish people would be more understanding even when they might not think or feel the same way that I do....all I have to say.

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