Monday, March 22, 2010

Is it really love???

This morning I woke up and I had the same headache I have been having every morning for about a week. I am really thinking about not going to work this morning because I feel just that bad.  I eventually made it to work (guess I now have the energy to finish this blog post).  Yesterday at church the sermon hit me where it hurt and I truly needed that. It was confirmation on a lot of things I have been dealing with and I know what I am supposed to do now.

One thing that is getting to me is this four letter word....LOVE.  This is something we all desire and hopefully something that we all give.  But my concern is do people truly understand love? What do people really think what love is? I really believe that people take love for granted.

I have been dealing with feelings of love for a certain person. I love this person and want the best for this person...but I don't want to be with the person. Which is hard to understand for me.  I have thought about and processed it over and over. I love this person with all my heart. I want the best for them, I want them happy, and I want to see them prosper.  I love spending time with them, I love the way they look...but the desire to be with them. People force us together in their minds, and I have honestly pondered the idea based off what other people have said.  I realize I can not be who others want me to be and I can't be with someone just because others think you would make a "cute couple."

These are the thoughts that have been on my mind lately.  Still trying to figure things out....

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D. said...

Just follow your heart, and let God do the rest.