Monday, March 8, 2010

Being a woman...more than being single or married

This weekend I went to a woman's boot camp at church. It was actually informative and I learned a lot. I usually get irritated about these things, but I gave it a chance and enjoyed it.  There were different speakers and interesting topics.  My church is to have a boot camp for men later this month and then a discussion with men and women in April.  Things were addressed that were not usually addressed in the church. Open and candid discussions were interesting.

Although I have said positive things there was one thing that continued to irk me.  Not necessarily negative or positive, just irritating.  Why (there goes the question again) do people define womanhood between being single and married? Not to negate the lessons on emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Topics were great, but one thing...every topic went back to men.  What I mean by this is that this was a boot camp geared toward equipping women to be great women...but a lot of things were being defined as being single or being married. I am a single woman with the hopes of one day getting married, but me as a woman is not defined by rather I am married or single.

I am not the independent woman who thinks that she has no need for a man, but I am also not a woman who is totally dependent on a man. I have dreams, aspirations, and visions that I want to fulfill in my life. Yes, a husband will compliment those things, but my life is not predicated on him. Being a great woman is so much more than baring children and being a wife.

I am a beautiful, smart, caring, and loving woman. I work hard, give back, and try to make a difference. I bring in my own income (rather it be small or big) and I provide for myself. I mentor, I teach, I reach out, I give back. I listen, I learn, I love, I live. I am me flaws and all, take it or leave it. I am far from perfect but I am on a journey of growth. 

These are just my thoughts. Debating if I will share with my friends on facebook...We will see.

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