Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Have You Ever Just Observed People?

Yesterday I was mentoring my teenagers and during the session when they were working in groups I just stood back and observed the people in the room.  I tend to do this a lot. Just like watching people and seeing how they interact with others. I love observing people when they have no clue that I am watching so that they don't change their behaviors and their actions. 

When I was observing a lot of things were going on in my mind. I often times get frustrated when I mentor because I care so much. I get frustrated with the adults because they sit around and do nothing and I get frustrated with the kids because they just don't get it. But out of my frustration I also get inspiration of how to change the existing mentality of the people that I am observing. If you see a problem....try to help fix it.

By no means do I think I have the ability to change a person, but I can, I think all people can help encourage growth in others.  I know personally I am not the same person I was a few years ago and I think differently which I think is a good thing and I got to this point by broadening my experiences and my perspective on things. How can I help someone if I can't understand or be able to reach them where they are?

Observations give you better insight and also help you understand more about a person or a situation.  Observations can be positive and negative, but they all work together to help see the bigger picture.

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