Monday, October 25, 2010

Maybe I can go without Facebook???

This weekend I had a great time with friends while visiting Atlanta. What was funny for the first time in a while I really paid no attention to facebook and very little attention to twitter. I usually update my facebook status 1-2 a day and twitter a lot more, but this weekend when I checked facebook on Sunday evening I hadn't updated since Thursday. 

I use to be a constant facebook user, updating all the time and checking out all the pictures and status updates of all my friends. This weekend I had no desire to and even when I got home I did not go back to check what I missed. I am very proud of myself for this accomplishment....and it was not even on purpose.

Do I think I will ever get rid of my facebook page, doubt it, but I am not addicted to it as I use to be.  I love what facebook has done by connecting people I have not seen in years or people I have lost contact with. I think it is a great way to meet up with old classmates when you are visiting cities and to get updates on them from time to time.

I do believe I am going to continue to migrate more to twitter and maybe even let me people know about my twitter page....we shall see.

Last thing I have to slowly pull myself away from on facebook are the games. I love playing them, but need to get away from that also. We shall see :-)


Anonymous said...

not working out so well, eh?

Humbly Beautiful said...

Who are you? I never said I would, it was more a matter of could....