Friday, October 29, 2010

Update on 30 while 30

Decided to do an accountability check on my list....updates are in pink :-)
  1. Get a tattoo (I will not punk out!) Can't do until hair grows back out.....just got cut
  2. Get my passport (overseas trip is not in the budget YET....but working on it, at least I can get prepared) Have not even started
  3. Go on a date Ha! Thought I would get this accomplished recently, but I think I am becoming delusional. Why do I have to approach a guy????
  4. Complete 30 random acts of kindness to strangers I have done a few things....but I don't think I can give an accurate count
  5. Read 30 books that aren't the typical books that I enjoy 3 books down (I need to step it up)
  6. Take a spontaneous road trip somewhere by myself, just wake up and go (I have to plan out everything....this is going to be hard) Not in budget right now, think I will do this summer
  7. Go white water rafting I have not even planned this out yet....
  8. Apply to Masters of Public Health Program (2 are on the radar) Studying for GRE has in full force and list is now 3 schools, one with a dual program ;-)
  9. Write letters to 30 people who have had an influence in my life and tell them why Written parts of letters, but have not mailed off
  10. Run (not walk) a 5K so far I have failed on this one....still trying
  11. Walk the Music City Half Marathon (still praying on this one....Jesus give me strength!!!) need to find a running group, this is in April...JESUS!!!
  12. Save X amount of money (figure will not be disclosed to everyone, but will tell if it is met or not) Started saving, still not a lot, but doing a lot better.
  13. Donate hair to Locks for Love (length is almost there!) Hair is ready to be shipped off, Mailing in the morning :-)
  14. Lose at least 30 pounds (aiming for more....but sticking with the theme of 30)  I have lost 15 pounds, but a way to go....want to lose more than 30 pounds
  15. Purchase a Home (or be in the process...working on that now) still want too, but some things have come up....not a bad thing, but change in life, house might have to be put on hold, but in the long rung will be better
  16. Become a Research Coordinator (next step in my career...making moves!) Should know very soon
  17. Travel west of the Mississippi River (been to Arkansas and Missouri, but that is about it...but have been to all the states east of the Mississippi) Maybe this summer
  18. Purchase a big ticket item for my mother (have to see what she wants....I am thinking a REAL nice pair of earrings...this will be a surprise) Bought her roses for her birthday....not big enough yet
  19. Clean out my wardrobe (closet full of clothes and shoes...don't wear half of them, shame!!!) have not even started :-(
  20. Visit the graves of my father and sister (have not done since the funerals) Nope (plus I have to add grandmother to list)
  21. Ask some tough questions of a family member (nothing bad....just unanswered questions) plan to do during holidays
  22. Learn how to knit, love to crochet, everytime I try knitting I get frustrated :-( I think I am going to sign up for a class. Teaching myself has not worked.
  23. Write the vision plan for the next big project in my life (can't tell you what it is...yet) working on that now, got revelation recently now I have to put it down in writing and in action
  24. Go to a concert in a big venue (don't do crowds of people well, which is limiting me from seeing Maxwell in July...not cool) U2 is coming to Vandy....but this is not what I was thinking about
  25. Have my first kiss (yes I said it....don't trip) You got jokes!
  26. Create a signature vegan dish for me (I love to cook...want to create something that people who are skeptical about vegan and vegetarian dishes will enjoy) made these cupcakes I love....but it was not "it"
  27. Complete a financial plan that will pay of my student loans before I die (I am so serious) working on it
  28. Purchase a piece of artwork that will be handed down to my next generation nope
  29. Learn to speak my mind with no fear of others (some people might think I already do this....if you only knew!!) I have tried, been still get looked at crazy and no one understands, becomes frustrating, oh well
  30. Most important thing to do in my year of 30..... HAVE FUN!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

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Marathon runner said...

i run with the east nasty runners. they have a couch to 5k run program. started in jan goes til march 12 when we run the tom king 5k. LOVE IT! they are an awesome group of ppl. They have another 5k training program called couch to tomato in training for the tomato festival 5k. its all FREE!