Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 16: My First Kiss

When I first saw the title of this post a while ago I was honestly scared to write about, or be open about it. I have said in other posts that I have had on occasion that I have never kissed anyone.  I use to not tell people, but I never denied it. I guess people just assume.

I was in a situation where someone attempted to kiss me (I so hope he does not read this post....) and I just couldn't do it.  The situation was weird and I did not feel comfortable with him being my first kiss. I knew he knew that I never dated and we were just hanging out and I would say the beginning of the "talking" phase and he attempted and I just gave him a hug and moved on.

I do think I get frustrated about the situation, but have come to terms with it. I sometimes get irritated with the looks and responses when I tell people I have never dated or kissed, but oh well. Just part of me being me.  I know it will happen one day.

Think that is all I have to say at this point....wanted to write more, but could not get it together.

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