Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 21: Another Moment

This morning I got up thinking about what I was going to write about today. I was kind of excited because yesterday I had an "Aha! Moment." I got this syaing from Oprah, and my close friends know I truly do not like Oprah (another post all by itself). What do I mean by this? I was thinking yesterday and got some revelations about some things I had been doing and what I need to do, so I said Aha! that moment I realized that more than ever I am truly a jacked up person. This might sound bad, but in all honesty it is really not.  In my post about my beliefs one of my beliefs was that all people are selfish even if they do not want to admit it.  This I think is an issue I have. When I look back over what I do in life and most of my actions have been selfish....even when I am helping others.

This might sound little, but yesterday I was updating my phone contacts and linking my facebook account and I noticed a person was no longer my friend on facebook. I initially thought that they had deleted their account, but when I got on facebook, I was just deleted as their friend. That made me ask why? Was it something I done or said? I honestly do not know, and it might just have been an accident, but what I do know is I remember one time saying something or doing something that was not nice which pertained to this person.  Maybe they found out and they were deleting negative people out of hteir facebook world....I am okay with that.

But I did realized that my actions do affect others and the things I say and do, even when they are not on purpose, can hurt.  I learned from this moment that I have to improve what I say and do toward others. This world is not about me.

Okay....I wanted to write more, but I have a massive headache this morning and it is not going away :-(  Things I need to do. Wish I could have called out sick, but there is a lecture I want to hear on campus at noon plus tons of work to do today. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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