Friday, September 17, 2010

Refelctions from 30 Day Blog Challenge

Yesterday I finished my 30 Day Blog Challenge and I was very excited that I finished it for various reasons. I set out a goal and I completed it! Although it was interrupted by the death of my grandmother I was able to finish it and actually blog every day.  Some days were short posts, some were random, and some sucked (in my opinion), but they all were done.  What I thought was funny was one of my other blogs that I read, Mama's Boy, is doing the same thing, but his topics for the 30 days are different.

This experience has inspired me to blog more and also become more creative with some of the things that I write about.  When I entitled this blog "If You Only Knew..." I started the blog as a place to get out things that I can't tell people who know me personally and to get out some of the interesting thoughts that go on in my head....they don't always make sense, but it is how I fell and think from time to time.

I have 40 followers and not sure how many of you actually read my blog, rather you read or not, at some point in time you found my blog interesting and I thank you. 

I am open for ideas and suggestions and even your views on what I write, rather you agree with me or not.  I think the world would be boring if we all thought and felt the same way on various topics.  I hope you continue to read and comment when you feel led too.  I am going to start updating more about my 30 Things While 30 and other things that are going on in my head so hope you enjoy!

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