Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 22: Something that Upsets Me

Well can I only pick one thing???? There are a lot of things that upset me. A friend told me once that I only can be concerned with what is in my basket and not worry about other people's baskets....if it were oh so simple. I think what other people have in their baskets affect me and others rather to want it to or not.

So here is a short list of things that upset me (I could go on and on....but trying to let some things go)

  1. Glorificaiton of baby momma's
  2. Glorification of mistresses and homewreckers
  3. What kids are becoming
  4. The fact that people just don't get me most of the time
  5. The person I love the most has no clue
  6. I don't make enough money....yet (changing soon)
  7. People say they love you, but their actions do not show it.
  8. People not taking responsibility for their actions.
  9. The fact that it is hard for me to except the things I can not change
  10. Stupid People!!!
Okay this was a true venting blog.  I felt good letting some things out. 

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