Monday, September 27, 2010

Do You Like Me or Not?

This weekend was great, but a lot of things were going on in my head. One thing I have said several times on this blog is the fact that I have never dated anyone. This has recently become an issue for me, well not an issue, but a topic of my inner thoughts.  I have had the opportunity, I have been approached (although most of the time it is not yell or honk at me please), but no one has ever has seemed to make it to getting a date. Maybe it is the fact that I really was not allowed to date in high school, maybe it is the fact that I have standards that most people feel that I should compromise on (and no they are not extreme or superficial).

What gets me at this point is when people tell me I should approach the guy that I am interested in...I go back and forth in my mind about this and then I realize I can't. At this present moment there are a few  people that I am interested in or intrigued with. I like them as people, I find them attractive, and they possess the qualities that I would like in a mate.They are friends and people who I have met over the years. They all (hate the word all....sounds so big, but there is only like 2-3 people), know my history and know the fact that I have never dated or been in a relationship.  They know my stance on being approached and how I want to be approached. Sometimes their actions seem like they might be attracted me also, but they don't approach, then I begin to ask myself I am delusional?

For my birthday a male friend asked me about the guy that I had told him that I was attracted to in a previous convo, I then proceeded to tell him I think I am giving up hope.  He was shocked, but I then had to explain. I am happy being single, but I do want to be in a meaningful relationship. Every time that I believe that the person that I am attracted to feels the same way I am let I have stopped hoping. A guy from my past recently informed me that at one point he was attracted to me, which I thought he was, but in my eyes he never acted on the attraction....saying it, asking me out on a date, or making attempts to get to know me better.  I am like how am I supposed to know if you like me or even if you might be interested in me unless you tell me. I am not psychic!

My question is how can I tell if a person is truly interested?

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