Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 28: Something I Miss

One thing I truly miss is family.  When my grandmother passed away I spent a lot of time (okay more than usually....but maybe not a lot) with my mother. For most of my close friends and mom love each other and we talk everyday, several times a day....but visits never last more than 48 hours or an argument errupts over the stupidest stuff. thing my mom misses the most are the big family gatherings we use to have. My family is no perfect, but they are family. We use to have parties, celebrations, cookouts, and so on and both sides of my family.  When my parents got divorced my mom did not go to as many of my dad's family functions as she use to...eventhough most everybody still considered her family. Now that my grandmother has passed she was the last link holding my family together on my mother's side. We have relatives, but just lets say....the bond is not there.

The picture I have posted was me and my cousin (have no clue where she is now) and two of my great aunts. This pictures was of them walking us to school when we were little. I could have been no more than 9, because I left that school in the 4th grade.  The time was spent enjoying the weather and just bonding.  I miss the wisdom they shared and their unconditional love. I miss just how happy they were when we succeeded in life.

I am attempting to develop bonds with some of my younger cousins and cousins around my same age, but is hard. We are scattered across the country. The only time we see each other is at funerals and Christmas.  I love my family all of them, the good and the bad. I just wish we were closer and spent more time together. challenge is almost over. WOW! I actually have made it through besides the short interruption. I am getting excited!

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