Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 25: A First

I have had a lot of first in my life. As I was typing and thinking about what I would write about I decided to talk about something I have not had a first of....that is a date. I am opening up more about this and coming to terms with this.  One of my male friends is always encouraging and says it is going to happen, but I am like when? Sometimes I have thought my standards are too high, sometimes I think I am just too picky, and sometimes I wonder if I am ever meant to go on a date?

I think it will happen, don't know when or where, but one friend said I can not give up hope. I sometimes think back on the guys that have approached me and why it did not work out. Was it me or them?  Whatever happened it is the past.  I don't have this fairytale view of relationships and dating and I think I am realistic about my expectations. I know what I want and I refuse to settle. Despite what people and type of job are not a requirement (you do have to HAVE a that does not work, does not eat). 

Those are my thoughts this morning on the topic. It is 9/11, been thinking about that this morning.....don't know if I will blog about it later, but we shall see.

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