Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 30: One Last Moment

My 30 Day Blog Challenge has come to an end! I am glad, but sad at the same time.  I am actually happy of the topic for today, because yesterday I had a moment which I think will change how I go about some major things in my life these next few months.

About a couple of years ago I took a career change, my part time hustle became my career and the beginning of a new direction my life was going in. When I went to college I studied engineering and economics, but always had the goal of helping me and working with non profits. So once I graduated I started working with at risk teenagers which I did for about 6 years from direct care, to supervision of kids and staff, to overseeing that  care was give to kids, then finally adoption work. I love it all the good and the bad, but honestly....never really paid the bills so I worked as a research analyst to supplement my salary for 4 years....then when my adoption worker job made some changes I began to do research full time and LOVED IT!

This is just a background to my moment. I was in a meeting yesterday and I realized what have I gotten myself into? Am I ready for the career I am going into? I am usually the youngest, only female, and only black in the room, and I am saying I want to be the boss one day? Am I serious? What am I doing to prepare myself for this moment? Am I studying? Am I working harder? Am I bringing my "A" game?

I can honestly answer yes and no to the questions above....but my moment yesterday made me realize that I have to get to the point of being able to answer yes to all of the questions. Failure is not an option. I know what I am here to do, I can no settle for being average. I have to be the best! I have to stop planning and put my plan into action. Excuses are up! It is time to put in the work. 

So that is my last moment....I think it is a great moment.  I am thankful for that moment :-) 

I will write about what I learned from my 30 Day Blog challenge soon, maybe today or tomorrow.  I also have some ideas for some new blog goal is to write everyday, a lot has been on my mind and I feel better when I get those things out. Hope everyone has a stupendous day!  I know I will!!

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