Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sexuality and Gender

This morning a conversation I had with a friend popped in my head and got me to thinking...

The conversation was with one of my friends that happens to be a lesbian.  She made a statement that sticks out in my mind to this day....She loves being a woman and she does not want to be a man.

The thought that goes in my head is why do people equate who or how many people you sleep with to rather or not you are a man or a woman? I think I touched on the topic in an earlier blog, but want to go more in depth of my thought process.

One statement that my pastor makes often (I love my pastor, but don't agree with everything he says) or says on occasion is "that I have been a man all my life." In the context of what he is saying he is is alluding to sexuality and how a man portrays himself. My question becomes why do people equate who I choose or choose not to sleep with determine my gender?

I am a woman, love being a woman, and have no desire to be anything else, but the fact that I have slept with no one does that make me less of a woman? Does a man who chooses not to sleep around or even sleep with men make him less of a man?  I think not! No matter what your stand on a person's sexuality I don't think a person's gender she be determined but who they sleep with.

Just some of my thoughts this morning....will continue the 30 day blog challenge in a few. Cooking for a cookout, but needed to get my thoughts out before they slipped my mind.

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