Sunday, September 19, 2010


Insanity....doing the same thing and expecting different results. I have heard this quote so many times, but when it comes to my faith I question "Am I insane?" I think yes, there are aspects of my faith that I do not understand and I do not have the answers to, but I think that is a part of don't have the answers. Some things in my life I do the same thing and I expect different results, which might considered insane, but in some ways to me it is an aspect of faith. People pray and hope things change, which I believe works, but I also believe you have to play a part...I mean if you are praying for a job, but not making yourself a desirable worker what is the point?

My church is doing a series on not quitting.....I am enjoying and learning from it.  I don't consider myself a quitter, but in some areas I am not a finisher....might explain in another post, just got some inspiration.

I struggle with the insanity, but sometimes I think it is a necessary insanity...we shall see.

I am tired, I went to the African Street Festival this afternoon and had fun, but the heat got to me and now I have a major headache and for some reason my face won't stop itching....not a good combo.  Time to lay it down! Good Night!

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