Friday, September 3, 2010

30 things are starting to happen....

Okay....I have been really feeling this 30 Day Blog Challenge (will write about what I learned at the end of the 30 posts) and I have neglected to really talk about the 30 things for my year of 30. I have been working on  my list and will update as I finish things....thought about starting another blog to chronicle my progress, but that is too much for me to keep up with. I randomly talk about some of the things I am working on.

I know this evening I will work on #5 & #9.  #5 is reading 30 books and #9 is writing letters to people.  Both things I have been working on, but my goal is too finish a book over this weekend and get one letter out to a person.  These seem like simple tasks....but not so.

The letter is going to be the hardest. I started on it a while ago, but recent events have pushed me to finish it and give to a person.  I don't know if it will bring a closed door or open door to the future of the relationship, but we shall see.   

#1 (get a tattoo) & #13 (donate hair to Locks for Love) kind of go together.My hair is finally grown out, just have to get my ends trimmed this month. The problem is that the tattoo I want is on my neck (I promise that I am not hood) and my hair has to be long enough to cover it.  I figure my hair was shaved in the back less than a year ago so if I go ahead and cut hair off now it will be long enough before I turn 31 to cover up my tattoo...I so hope this pans out. I also have seen several people in my office that have tattoos that are visibile (one girl has one all the way across the back of her neck and she does not hide it). So even if the tattoo is not completly covered I should still be good. The design is small and means something to me so I am getting excited about getting it.

One thing that I am kind of bumbed about is that I was so excited to do #10 (run a 5k) in October, but because of my poor planning and life's unexpected events I am so not ready. I will still run a 5k, but not sure if it will be the one in October. I know I will get one under my belt I need to step the training up. Half Marathon is in way I can skirt out of that one.

Think that will be all for the update on my progress for now. Some of the items are in the works and can't wait to finish some.  I will definitely keep you posted!

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LC said...

First, I really like your new background. Second, congrats on your progress thus far. We are all a work in progress and each day is a chance to get closer to our goals.