Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

Yesterday I was out sick from work and spent most of the day in bed with a major headache. I made it in to work today, but pain is still there, hopefully I can take the weekend to rest... NOT! But I am getting better, slowly.  What I did realize there are a lot of random thoughts that just go on in my head. Some good....some bad.  Decided to list today...might surprise you.

  1. Why do people in customer service jobs have to be rude, is it a job requirement?
  2. Why do people equate love with sex? Just because I am waiting until marriage you won't even consider dating, although every other quality you want I have?
  3. How do people let their teeth get brown? Mine are off white (just being honest) and I have have issues...I can only imagine how yours feel.
  4. Why is it so hard to speak English? You have been here for 10 years, seriously?
  5. When people go out looking a hot mess do they realize it?
  6. Once again....people are very selfish!
  7. When I see homeless people I wonder what do they do all day and how can they do that for so many years?
  8. Why can't people agree to disagree? Just because I don't agree with what you say does not mean I hate you.
  9. Have you just ever watched the actions of kids? They are interesting people, I wonder if I acted the same way when I was little.
  10. If I told people my inner most struggle would they understand or would they judge me?
That is all...headache is coming back. So not cool!

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