Monday, September 20, 2010

Relationship Hop

This morning as I was browsing through my friends facebook pages and statuses I thought about the topic for today.  Why can't people be okay with being single? Why do people jump from one relationship to another without truly getting over the last person?

Although I have never been in a relationship I have spiced up my page a few times by saying I am in a relationship or that it is complicated....the responses I got, TOO FUNNY! I have other people who do this too, I have friends who choose not to post their relationship status at all which I think is the best way to keep it.  Even had two friends who went from single to engage to each other and they kept their relationship so on the hush it shocked everybody. I am sidetracked.

My point is it is okay to be single. People should take time between relationships.  Some people can't stand to be alone and that is probably why they hop from relationship to relationship, but that is also why the keep breaking up in relationships. 

Just a thought.....

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