Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 17: My Favorite Memory

Hmmm....This is hard because I really do not have a favorite memory. I mean I have a lot of memories that are special to me in different ways, but I can not say one is my favorite. 

Maybe my favorite memory was the day I graduated from Vanderbilt. I had all of my family (even my dad came) there to celebrate with me.  To see the look on my family's faces and how proud of me was amazing...the struggles that I encountered while in college from academic, financial, personal, and spiritual it was nothing but God who got me through college with a degree...a job...and a career!!

Maybe it was a recent dinner with a friend. I truly enjoyed the company of this friend which has become a rarity in our friendship. The friend I saw at dinner was the friend that I have come to love and depend on and I appreciated that especially since lately I have been going through a lot, more than I can ever put in my blog.

Maybe it was all the times my mom, my sister, and my grandmothers use to go shopping on Saturdays to the outlet malls.  We might not by a thing, but just walk up and down the malls looking at things. My sister would always request a corn dog to eat and we would get it....but she would not eat so my grandmother would end up eating it.

Maybe it was the times when I was little and my dad took my fishing early in the morning. I would never put the worm or cricket on the rod or pole, but I would always get excited when I caught a fish, no matter how little it was.

Maybe it was my prom my senior year of high school. I truly enjoyed myself and the company of my crush for so many years.

I know I have listed several of my favorite memories. I probably could go on and on, but I will stop. Writing this post made me realize all the good memories I have had during my life.  Sometimes I focus on the bad ones which seem to stick out, but I need to focus on the things that give my happiness and joy.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. I may need to do a post like this to help me realize all of the great memories that I've had this year, this month...this life. Great Blog :)